A Few Examples Of My Work...

The following are examples of some my programming, web development, and copywriting work.

I have a handful of characteristic code samples available for viewing on my GitHub repo:

Java servlet to upload images to MySql database using Apache Tomcat 6.
Deployed app here (disabled while I am resolving some application server issues).

Java Dynamic Programming text "coin" game.

Simple console Java program to manipulate data on an Access database.

Android car crash detection app -something of an alpha iteration.

C#EMGU MySQL form subclass for face recognition project.

Example web app deployed on Tomcat 6 using JSPs and Servlets in a MVC pattern here..
(temporarily disabled while I am resolving some application server issues)

Example passive hardware detection page using HTML5, Javascript, and PHP here. .(takes a little time to load, works best in Chrome..).

Example ColdFusion site using ColdFusion 10 and MySQL datasource here -mobile friendly!

All documents are in .pdf format and web development examples are links to live sites unless otherwise noted. Java files for both web apps and Android and the projects that implement them were developed using either Eclipse or Netbeans. HTML, ColdFusion, and php files generally written using Dreamweaver in code view, with JSP files and their web code generally being written in Eclipse.

Please note that most of the code files are components of larger projects. If you'd like a copy of a complete project to better evaluate my programming skill set, email me and I'll get it to you!

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